Friday, September 29, 2006

Picture of a Picture

I sold my first piece of photography this week! By no means my first photograph it is the first one I've actually sold to an outside party!


Sandra said...

Hi Rachel!! Sandra here from Texas. I'm soo happy for you!! How exciting!! Congratulations! I have a brother who lives in Denver, Colorado who also has sold some of his photos and I, his baby sister, is yet to own one! I'm waiting for him to treat me with one...heehee! Anyway, you've been tagged! I'm not sure who started this but one of my dear blogging friends tagged me. Check out my blog for details. Take care always!! Awesome photography!!! Bye from Texas! Hey, my brother from Denver, spent Thanksgiving in Nebraska this year. I'm hoping he'll send me some pictures to enjoy! His wife has family there. Anyway, bye for now! ; )

Saffron said...

Congratulations Rachel!!! That's wonderful and what an absolutely gorgeous photo too. The buyer is a very lucky person to now have this :) Yay for you!!!