Tuesday, April 03, 2007


For some reason I just thought it was "pretty." Maybe I'm just weird like that.


Sandra said...

Hey Rachel!! Thanks for the visit!! Always cool hearing from ya!! Love this pic! Are they fresh homegrown tomatoes? My parents used to grow them and they were always soooo delicious to eat by themselves with a little salt. This pic is making me crave one of those fresh picked tomotoes! Glad to hear everything is going great! Still getting snow, huh? That is just incredible! We are already reaching the 90's! ; ( I am dying to see some wildflowers!!! I am sooo angry that I haven't been able to yet!! Hopefully I will soon before they all disappear!

Anyway, until next time!

Take care always and keep posting!! ; )



moggie said...

ello, rachel. saw you over at sandra's and thought i'd stop by and visit. love some of the shots you have in here. keep shooting and posting! love to see more shots....especially wildlife. later!

Sandra said...

Hi Rachel!!,

Very cool of you!!! Thanks so much for adding me to your PHLOG ROLL!! Very cool!! ; )

Looking forward to checking out your latest pics!!

Stay warm!

Love and smiles from Texas!!,


gtedge said...

I don't think you're weird. But if you have to phsych yourself to get pictures like this, then by all means be "weird".


PS I think I'll go have a BLT.