Sunday, May 27, 2007

Playing with Macro

My efforts to get comfortable with the super macro mode on my camera. Its a fun feature but its going to take some effort to perfect it without a tripod.


moggie said...

beeeautiful! really love the 3rd pic of the flower.

no tripod? here's what i do when shooting macro subjects without a tripod, rachel...i use volleyball elbow pads, lie down flat on my tummy and use my elbows to steady the camera. try it! (but i guess the easier way is to just increase the speed while on manual...or just save up for a tripod?). : )

Divemuster said...

Hi.. here's a method i use when tripods are not available or when you can't brace against anything.

Relax your grip on the camera to steady the shot. Sometimes gripping the camera too hard produces minute shakes. Holding your breath a split moment before depressing the shutter button helps some too.

Btw, nice shot of the flower.