Monday, July 23, 2007

Hiking Part II

I love photographing water. Whether it be falls like these pictures, or standing pools and the way the light reflects in the surface.


Sandra said...

Rachel, these are INCREDIBLE!! I love all of them!! You are truly a gifted photographer!! The bonfire pics are beautiful!! Really cool pics!! You came back with a BANG!! Good for you, girl!!

Take care always!! Please keep posting your lovely pics!!! ; o )

Luv and sunshine from Countrygirl in Texas!

Anthony said...

Hi Rachel! Anthony here from L.A.

Great pics-- love the bonfire pics! Sandra sent me over here to take a look at what you have-- she's right!! These are awesome! The water pics are great too!

Divemuster said...

Great contrasting set following the bonfire pics. Water, like the fire commands a formless fascination and you did good to freeze both into good looking images.

..Ang.. said...

i really really like the bottom one.