Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Nature's Spotlight


moggie said...

sunrays!....i love sunrays. beautifully taken, rach!

went thru' your earlier posts, happy to see that you're working that camera. keep posting!

Divemuster said...

Beautifully captured :)

Sharon said...

Lovely shot as well as the photos in your previous posts.

I had to laugh at the posting about the bird with the attitude problem sort of reminded me of Mooky!

Sandra said...

Hey Rachel!! Glad to see you are still sharing those gorgeous pics of yours! Missin' ya much in Texas!! I've been a little swamped the past few months. Hopefully I can get to doin' some bloggin' soon! I love checkin' out your pics! They always brighten my day!

Just sendin' a little luv and sunshine from Texas!!