Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Last Colors of Fall


Divemuster said...

The colors are so pretty.

Sharon said...

Rachael they are beautiful photos.

Isn't Fall such a great time of year?

Sandra said...

Gorgeous!! Thanks Rachel for sharing this bit of Fall. I don't really see the season where I live. I don't get to see all of the beautiful colors of Fall. Love these pics!!

Take care, glrl!!

Luv and sweet sunshine from Texas!!


moggie said...

ello, rachel!

what beautiful colors....especially love the pics of the leaves. the subtle color variations are just amazing.

moggie said...

paging for ms rachel...has anyone seen ms rachel?

rach....where u at? time for more of your pretty pics.

Sandra said...

I agree...where ya at, Girl? Missin' ya much!

Luv from Texas!!,


moggie said...

last call for ms. rachel. if we dont see some new posts in the next 48 hrs, we'll have to file a missing persons report. : )