Thursday, August 16, 2007

Light Show

After seeing Toby's great image of the lightning I decided to try my hand at it, no matter how many mosiquto bites I suffered heehee. They didn't turn out to bad actually.


Sharon said...

The color is beautiful... especially on the first photo! I'd say the mosquito bites were well worth it!

Divemuster said...

I love the lightning shots! Very nice and very brave of you to go out in the storm too ;-)

moggie said...

wow, rachel! i Love these shots. the ones i take over here are single cloud to ground strikes too....but yours are so much more dramatic....well done!

LadyHawk said...

lovely lightning shots!! I have yet to capture my first one :( Well done!

Sandra said...

Hey Rach!! Love your pics! They sure brighten my days! I've been a little swamped lately but am hoping to get to blogging soon! ; o )

Been missin's ya much in Texas!!

Take care and as always, I sure look forward to checkin' out your new posts!